Four Painless Endodontic Treatment Alternatives

by | Sep 4, 2020

Dentistry has already come a long way with its innovation to help more patients achieve healthier and more beautiful teeth. Yet, there is still a stigma about some dental treatments. It is still common for patients to have dental anxiety. As a result, more patients are not receiving urgent and proper treatment for their dental problems. One of the dental procedures that patients fear is endodontic treatment.   

Endodontic treatment

Also known as root canal therapy, endodontic treatment aims to treat an infected tooth and save it from extraction. An infection in the tooth usually happens when there is severe trauma or damage due to a deep cavity. Because the dental problem is associated with pain, this makes the patients believe its treatment is also painful. 

However, contrary to such belief, the treatment is done to take away the pain. 

The root canal treatment is a non-invasive procedure that involves several steps to complete. The first step is to prepare the mouth and tooth for the treatment. This includes giving a local anesthetic and then isolating the affected tooth with the rubber dam. 

The next process is to begin accessing the hole by drilling on top of it. Once it is accessible, the dentist removes and clears out the dead pulp that causes the infection. 

Finally, the dentist fills in the hole and seals it. If necessary, a crown may be placed on top of the shaped tooth to restore its strength and looks.

Endodontic treatment alternatives

Since there are still patients who remain anxious with dental procedures, one question is unavoidable: are there other options? It’s good news that there are alternatives to root canal therapy. However, these will also depend on each of the patient’s unique dental issue. The best approach is to consult your dentist and probably ask about these other techniques to avoid uncomfortable treatment.

  • Tooth extraction

Patients may opt to have their severely damaged or infected tooth removed, rather than rigorous procedures to save it. Removing a tooth uses a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area around the affected tooth. The dentist then pulls the tooth out of the socket using a pair of dental forceps. After which you may choose which dental restorative method suits you. Either dentures or crowns would be great. Nevertheless, dentists always remind their patients about the advantages of saving your natural teeth.  

  • Using ozone

The power of ozone could, fortunately, help you get rid of that tooth infection. Ozonated water or gas may be used to irrigate the root canal and kill the bacteria due to the dead pulps. In effect, the dentist will save more of the tooth and avoid an uncomfortable procedure. On the other hand, dentists did warn that reinfection could happen, which ends in a root canal treatment. 

  • Calcium hydroxide

Like the ozone gas method, dentists could use calcium hydroxide to decontaminate the root chamber with the dead tissues. It could also prevent the regrowth of bacteria, which may cause reinfection. With this technique, there’s no need for root canal therapy, and the dentist can salvage the natural tooth.

  • Pulp capping

Pulp capping is another alternative that your dentist can do aside from root canal therapy. Instead of creating a hole, this procedure directly covers the exposed pulp with a durable dental adhesive after cleaning it. This saves a lot of time drilling the tooth and removes the patient’s worry over a painful dental experience.

These methods are effective dental procedures when done appropriately by a Vaughan dentist. Every dental problem is unique on its own and needs specific dental needs. Consult with your dentist first-hand and decide together what treatment suits you best to save your smile. 

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