Foods You Need To Avoid When Wearing Dental Braces

by | Oct 16, 2020

Braces improve the appearance of your misaligned teeth. Getting used to them takes time, so knowing what foods you can eat and avoid early on will be significantly useful.

Why do you need to skip some foods when wearing braces?

Your orthodontist can recommend dental braces to fix dental problems such as crooked teeth, teeth gaps, or malocclusion of teeth. Braces are proven effective in correcting teeth misalignment.

However, the first few days or weeks of wearing them can irritate you. You can feel the added pressure, especially with power chain braces that closely bind your teeth.

As you wait for your teeth to straighten, you need to give up some of your favourite foods. There are foods you need to skip eating during the time you’re wearing your braces.

Your braces wire, brackets and braces bands work together to align your teeth. Food particles can get stuck on the bands or can loosen your brackets and wires.

Foods that can loosen or get stuck on your braces

Some foods are too sticky or too hard, and eating them will add to the pressure placed on your teeth. Hence, you need to avoid the following foods altogether:

Nuts and seeds

Hard nuts like whole almonds, walnut, and cashews can bend the wires. Meanwhile, small seeds can get dislodged in your inside braces.


Eating popcorn when you have ceramic braces can trigger gum inflammation. Kernels don’t only get lodged between your teeth, as they may also get pressed against your gums.

Chips and taco shells

Potato chips, corn chips, and hard taco shells get chewed into small particles. In turn, these particles can get stuck on your braces elastics. Moreover, starchy foods can induce the production of plaque acid. 

Hard and chewy candies

Hard candy like gobstoppers and peppermints can break your metal braces. On the other hand, chewy candy has a gooey or sticky texture that can easily cling to your chain braces.


Bagels are chewy sweets that are hard to resist, but they can cause damage to your braces. In general, you have to avoid bread or pastries since they can snap your brackets off.

What foods are you allowed to eat?

Aside from sliced fruits and soft foods, you can still enjoy tasty treats even when you have braces.

Some examples are:

  • Fresh-baked cookies
  • Light crackers
  • Soft pretzels
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Cake
  • Chocolate wafers
  • Thin potato chips
  • French fries
  • Hot dogs
  • Pizza (without the crust)

Eat these foods in moderation, as sugary and starchy foods can make you prone to plaque buildup. These foods may be delicious, but you’ll end up binge-eating on junk food if you munch on them often.

As a rule of thumb, avoid eating hard or sticky food. Consult your Vaughan dentist on what foods you can eat while wearing braces for your malocclusion.

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