Pediatric Dentistry: Aiming For A Lifelong Beautiful Smile

by | Jul 28, 2020

Pediatric dentistry is a practice in dentistry that focuses on children’s oral health care. The scope of this specialty begins from infancy up until the teenage stage. The treatment that a pediatric dentist performs includes all adult dentistry procedures applicable for kids. 

However, there’s a significant difference between pediatric and adult dentistry. 

Pediatric dentist

There’s a fine line that makes the pediatricians of dentistry distinct from adult dentists. Apart from four years of study in dental school, pediatric dentists also need to have residency training. This special training lasts for two years of working with infants, toddlers, teens, and special needs children. 

The training includes the study and application of behaviour guidance. 

Kids dentists must have the right qualities to work with young patients. As a practitioner working with someone who needs ample understanding, training is not enough. It is best to pursue children’s dentistry if you’re innately fond of working with kids. Passion, compassion, and patience are vital keys to succeed in understanding and caring for children. This is what behaviour guidance requires of the dentists in order to effectively provide the kid’s dental needs.

Common kid dental issues

A lasting beautiful smile starts by the time your baby has their first tooth. Having said this, your role as a parent with oral hygiene is crucial. Even before that first tooth erupts, educate yourself already on how to apply kids dental care. This responsibility continues for as long as your child is dependent on you. So make sure to be proactive and be an example to your kid with regards to proper oral hygiene. Sure enough, they will carry this habit even when you’re no longer supervising their practice. 

However, sometimes kids having dental issues is still inevitable. In fact, dental problems in children are quite common. 

      • The most usual problems that kids encounter are tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and fractures. Kids couldn’t resist sweets most of the time and this leads to painful cavities. Meanwhile, kids engaging in sports or are plain interactive will mostly get tooth chips, cracks, and breaks due to accidents.
      • Gum disease is prevalent among young patients as well. Especially if they have no guidance with the proper teeth brushing techniques, bacteria may still linger in the soft tissues.  
      • Orthodontic cases are also common in kids that’s why you mostly see them with braces. One cause that leads to kids’ teeth misplacement is thumb-sucking and nail-biting habits.
      • Lots of adult patients have fear when they visit the dentist. So, it’s no surprise that kids develop the same phobia, too. This fear may have started from that one unpleasant experience while under a dental procedure. Yet, fear of the dentist may still occur even when one hasn’t met a dentist before. One way to reassure kids is to introduce the use and benefit of laughing gas or general anesthesia for kids.

Pediatric dental procedures

Dental procedures are not limited to treatment processes. In fact, pediatric dentistry is also considered as preventive dentistry. This service promotes preventive measures to keep teeth healthy and avoid developing diseases. These procedures are the following:

      • Infant oral health exam. This includes both mother and child for dental caries risk assessment.
      • Preventive dental care. These dental treatments are done to prevent and avoid cavities, especially in kids.
        • Oral prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning.
        • Application of fluoride treatment. 
        • Application of dental sealants on kid’s molars.

Other dental care for children procedures: 

      • Early orthodontic care for teeth correction due to malocclusion.
      • Professional counselling to help manage oral habits, such as:
        • Thumb-sucking
        • Food sucking
        • Pencil or nail-biting
      • Repairs due to cavities or fractures.
      • Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases. 
      • Emergency care to cater to patients without an advance appointment. An emergency dentist for kids also looks after patients after office hours.

How to find a good pediatric dentist

It’s important to find a pediatric dentist that would be able to give your kid a pleasant experience, especially on their first dental visit. If you’re having trouble knowing how to find the best dentist in town, you might try: 

      1. Visiting a pediatric dental clinic in your area. This helps you and your child see and feel the environment of the facility first-hand. You may notice how the dental staff and the dentist treats their patients.
      2. Crowdsourcing. The internet is at your disposal, use it. You can ask your friends through social media to recommend a great kids’ dentist. 
      3. Read online reviews. Dental groups now use websites to accommodate patients. Check this platform and read personal reviews from real patients for reference.

Parents only want the best for their kids. That’s why the pediatric dentist in Vaughan sees to it that they give their young patients with the utmost dental care experience.

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