Follow These 9 Best Tips For Teaching Kids Dental Care

by | Jul 10, 2021

Dentists can only do so much for their patients, especially the little ones. Good oral health starts at home, and parents play a huge role in that. Don’t worry, though! There’s no reason to be overwhelmed as long as you read on. Here are nine tips on how to improve your kids dental health.

Tips on how to do kids dental care

1. Teach them the correct routines

As every parent knows, most kids are clueless. They may have the ability to mimic the things you do, but they may not always do it correctly. Parents or guardians must take on the responsibility at home to teach their children proper routines.

2. Keep regular dental appointments

Taking your child to visit the pediatric dentist is one of the first steps to diagnosing any issues they may have. These can range from crooked teeth to cavities. As kids grow up, the structure of their teeth changes. Parents or guardians must note it, and it’s important to have professional help along the way.

3. Have them eat healthy food

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, aren’t just the best food and drink for healthy teeth and gums. Incorporate a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, celery, and carrots into your kid’s diet. White fruits in vitamin C may be great for immunity, too much acid can erode enamel. A healthy balance of everything is key!

4. Use incentives to motivate them

Kids are known to be stubborn, so getting them to do something as important as brushing their teeth can be a chore. A trick you could do is to set up a reward system whenever they do a good job of doing their oral care routine.

5. Be a good example they can follow

At the age kids are, they can be very impressionable. They’re more likely to do as you do and not as you say. It’s important to lead by example and show kids how you take care of your oral health. Dental hygiene for young children may be tricky, but with your help, your kids will surely learn fast!

6. Talk about the importance of dental care

Take the time to explain to your kids why taking care of their teeth and gums are important. We’ve all met a kid whose favourite words to repeat were “but why?” so this is an excellent chance to explain it to them! Kids, and let’s face it, most people are more receptive to tasks when they understand why they do it.

7. Make dental care fun!

There’s no reason why brushing your teeth and swishing mouthwash has to be a bore! Why not incorporate a song or a counting game when your kids do their dental care routine?

8. Consider sealants

Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating usually placed on the back teeth, like molars and premolars. Think of it as a protective shield against cavities. No matter how hard parents try to teach their kids to take care of their teeth, cavities may be inevitable. Getting dental sealants put in for your kid’s teeth can save them some pain in the long run.

9. Don’t delay seeking help

If your child is complaining of a toothache, don’t wait around for it to get worse. If you’re able to, get them to a pediatric dentist for a check-up. Tooth decay in children can be expected, but it’s best to rule other things out with a dentist near you.

If your child requires a pediatric dentist, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Vaughan today! Our team at My City Dental will be excited to help you and your kid with your dental concerns.

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