Kids Dental Care

Kids Dental Care

Chipped or Fractured Permanent Tooth

As soon as your child develops baby teeth, you likely do your best to help care for them. We recognize how important it is for parents to take an active role in instilling good oral hygiene. Once your child has permanent teeth, it is even more critical to ensure they are protecting their entire mouths. Accidents are not always preventable, but it helps to take certain precautions to avoid potential injury:

  • Healthy eating and drinking habits (including lots of water, fruits, vegetables, and any necessary supplements)
  • Good oral hygiene (such as twice-daily brushing and daily flossing)
  • Orthodontics (such as a mouth guard for sleeping or playing sports)
  • Regular dentist check-ups (usually twice per year)

In some cases, a significant impact due to physical activities like sports and exercise can unexpectedly cause harm to your child’s mouth. This may result in a chipped or fractured tooth. If such an event occurs, be sure to consult with your child’s dentist as soon as possible.

Some helpful methods you can try that may salvage the tooth include:

  • Rinsing your child’s mouth with water
  • Applying a cold compress to your child’s face to reduce swelling
  • Try finding broken tooth fragments and bring them with you to the dentist

A chipped or fractured permanent tooth is usually a dental emergency that requires immediate care. Acting quickly can help significantly repair the tooth and ultimately save your child from requiring additional or more extensive dental treatments.

In the event of an injury or any other dental emergency, please contact us immediately for an appointment. My City Dental offers after hour appointments, such as evenings and weekends, to our patients if they need one. 

Time is of the essence when a tooth is chipped or fractured, so call us immediately to schedule a same-day visit. 

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