How to handle a child’s dental emergency


Have your child rinse their mouth with warm salt water. Free any impacted food using dental floss. Give acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain and contact us for an appointment. For a swollen face, apply cold compresses and call us immediately.

Knocked out baby tooth:

This is rarely an emergency and normally does not require treatment. If child is old enough to rinse and spit, have her or him rinse the mouth with warm salt water. Contact us during regular business hours.

Chipped or fractured baby tooth:

Contact us as soon as possible as a fracture can expose the tooth’s nerve, causing pain and possible infection.

Knocked out permanent tooth:

Handle the tooth as little as possible and bring it to Dr. Koosha in a cup of milk. Time is of the essence – see us immediately!

Chipped or fractured permanent tooth:

Contact us immediately for an appointment. Have your child rinse with water and apply cold compresses to your child’s face to reduce swelling. Try to find broken tooth fragments and bring them with you. Time is of the essence – see us immediately!

If you are not sure what to do,

give us a call!

We may ask you to email pictures and a description of the emergency.