Five Common Myths About Vaughan Root Canal Treatment

by | Jul 30, 2021

Have you experienced severe toothache that seems to last for days? You might need a Vaughan root canal treatment. This dental procedure removes the infected nerves and tissues in your tooth, causing the pain. 

Patients fear this procedure because they think it brings more discomfort. However, these are just common misconceptions. This article will help you realize the myths and truths about root canal therapy. 

Vaughan root canal treatment myths

1. No pain, not necessary 

While a toothache is a common indication that a tooth is infected, it is not always the case. Some patients have tooth infections with symptoms that vary. It may be mild tooth sensitivity, a weird taste in the mouth, or pimples on your teeth. These signs tell you you need a root canal. If you notice these, seek your dentist’s advice immediately.

2. A root canal isn’t advisable for pregnant women.

Root canal treatment requires a dental X-ray. Although radiation is risky for pregnant women, there is only minimal exposure to the patient during this procedure. The dentist will also cover the patient’s belly with a lead apron for additional protection. Anesthesia is also safe for pregnant patients if that is the concern. This is why it’s essential to disclose if you’re expecting.  

3. It is painful.

You may not realize it, but the pain you feel before root canal therapy is the infection. The treatment is done to alleviate the discomfort and treat the tooth for good. Your dentist will initially put anesthesia on the affected area so you won’t feel anything throughout the procedure. If you have any apprehensions, let your dentist know so they can suggest other options for you.

4. It takes more than one visit.

Most dental procedures can now be done in one appointment. With the advancement of technology, everything is more accurate and quicker. Your dentist may still require you for a second visit, depending on the severity of your condition. It’s also necessary to do follow-up checkups to ensure the progress and success of your dental treatment.

How will you feel after the procedure?

It is common to feel sensitivity or slight pain in the treated area as the anesthesia wears off. Don’t worry; your dentist will prescribe medication to manage these after-effects. If any pain, swelling, or bleeding persists, it is best to call your Vaughan dentist than self-medicate. 

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