Vaughan Sedation Dentistry: Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety During Dental Visits

by | Jun 15, 2021

Taking care of your child’s teeth is a priority. Most kids are scared of going to the dentist and receiving dental treatments. The good news is that Vaughan sedation dentistry allows kids to relax at the dental chair. Read on to find more about sedation dentistry.

1. What is sedation dentistry?

Typically, when dentists use sedation, they do not put their patients to sleep. During sedation, the dentist calms the nerves. Hence, it brings comfort to patients during dental treatment.  Dentists offer various types of sedation methods, depending on patient needs:

  • Nitrous oxide –  inhaled via a mask and sedative gas is soothing. In just a few minutes, your child’s anxiety will decrease. 
  • Oral sedation – Ingesting a pill before the procedure begins is the most common form of sedation. Oral sedation helps the patient to relax.
  • IV sedation – During IV sedation, a catheter is inserted behind the hand to administer sedation. Sedation reduces the patient’s awareness of their surroundings. 

2. Is dental sedation safe for my kids?

Dental sedation for children is a safe procedure that improves the dental experience for your child and makes it easier for the dentist to perform any operation. They will review your child’s medical history before performing any procedure. The most recommended option is nitrogen oxide due to its gentler effects. However, you should consult a pediatric dentist for the best treatment for your child. 

3. Is your child prepared for sedation?

To prepare your child during the dental visit, you can take note of the following tips :

  • Dress your child comfortably. 
  • For your child’s safety, you should avoid giving solid food before the sedation procedure.
  • To aid in relaxation, ensure your child brings their favourite toy.
  • Do not hesitate to inform your dentist if your child takes any prescribed medication. 

4. Will my child experience side effects after sedation? 

Your child may feel dizzy and nauseous. These side effects are typical. Children can return to their normal activities within six to eight hours. After the procedure, here are some tips you can do : 

  • Make sure your child stays hydrated. 
  • Provide your child with soft foods such as soup to ease the discomfort while eating.
  • Continue to monitor your child after the treatment. 
  •  If your child’s condition is not getting better, consult your dentist. 

If your want to provide your child with a positive dental experience, sedation dentistry is your answer. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Vaughan to help ease your child’s worries. 

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