Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

For a variety of dental treatments and procedures, we may recommend sedation dentistry to help minimize or eliminate pain. There are four primary options to choose from. 


Oral sedation (ingesting a pill) and laughing gas sedation each allow appropriately trained dentists to create a safe and comfortable experience for patients. In either of these cases, you will stay conscious (but become significantly more relaxed) during the procedure. Patients also overcome the sensation of the medication relatively quickly after treatment.


Two additional options, both of which are heavier forms of sedation, are IV sedation and general anesthesia. IV sedation involves an intravenous drip to administer the medication right into your bloodstream, and you may drift in and out of consciousness. General anesthesia puts patients to sleep and leaves them with no memory of the events. You will likely feel groggier when you wake up.


Sedation dentistry helps you relax during dental treatment or procedure, from cavity fillings and dental implants to root canals and wisdom teeth extractions. This way, our dentists can safely and efficiently perform these types of dental work with virtually no discomfort for our patients. Sedation dentistry offers relief of discomfort or anxiety.


Your experience will also vary depending upon which method of sedation you and your dentist agree. While it is rarely mandatory, we may highly recommend this use of therapy in some instances. Some side effects may include drowsiness, delayed reflexes and slower reactions, and complete unconsciousness.  


Our dentists at My City Dentist are experienced and trained in delivering sedation therapy to patients as needed. If you have concerns about your treatment or procedure, speak with us about this option, which typically helps patients feel more comfortable and relaxed while dental work is performed.


Call our office today to find out how sedation dentistry takes the anxiety out of dental care.

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