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Vaughan: 7 Telltale Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment

by | Nov 30, 2022

A dental treatment called Vaughan root canal treatment removes decay from the pulp and root of your tooth. Your teeth have a covering of enamel on the exterior, a layer of dentin underneath, and a soft inside core. This soft inside core continues into the root of your jawbone. The dental pulp, which is made up of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, is found in the core. 

The pulp may swell, infect, or even turn necrotic (unresponsive) if deterioration penetrates the softcore. In order to remove the deterioration, a Vaughan root canal treatment is required. How do you determine if you require a root canal, then? Are there any obvious signs? Read on to discover more about the signs that could require a root canal.


What is a root canal procedure?

Similar to a little roto-rooter, a root canal operation removes decay while saving the affected tooth. Your dentist will do the following during Vaughan root canal treatment:

  1. Remove germs and decay from the pulp, root, and nerve of the tooth.
  2. Use antibiotics to sanitize the mouth area.
  3. Fill up the exposed roots.
  4. To avoid further degradation, cover the area.
  5. Both your regular dentist and an endodontist are qualified to do root canal procedures. 

Your natural tooth remains in place after the root canal procedure, which also stops additional decay. However, it increases the tooth’s brittleness. For this reason, a dental crown is usually placed over a tooth that has had a Vaughan root canal treatment


Signs you may need a root canal procedure.

You can only be sure whether you require a root canal by visiting your dentist. However, there are a few warning signs to watch out for. It’s crucial to schedule an appointment with your dental office right away if you experience any of these signs. Your tooth’s condition is likely to improve the sooner it can be addressed. 

  1. Constant discomfort.

One of the warning indicators that you could require a Vaughan root canal treatment is persistent tooth discomfort. You could experience tooth discomfort all the time or sometimes, with reoccurring episodes.

You may have discomfort all the way down in the tooth’s bone. Your cheeks, jaw, or other teeth may also be the source of referred discomfort. Root canals are not the only possible reason for tooth discomfort. Additional possibilities include:

  • Gum infection.
  • Cavity.
  • Discomfort that was caused by another issue or by a sinus infection.
  • A faulty filling.
  • A potential infection in an impacted tooth.

Anytime you get tooth pain, visit the dentist in Vaughan, especially if the discomfort lasts for a long time. Better results are often achieved with early identification and treatment of dental discomfort.

2. Cold and heat sensitivity.

When you consume warm food or a cup of coffee, does it ache your tooth? Also, does consuming ice cream or swallowing an icy cold beverage makes your teeth feel sensitive? The sensitivity may seem like a throbbing pain or a dull discomfort. If this discomfort lasts for a long time even after you stop eating or drinking, you may require a Vaughan root canal treatment

Does it hurt when you consume hot or cold liquids or when you bite down on anything cold? If yes, you may have an infection or damage to the blood vessels and nerves in your tooth.

3. Tooth flexibility.

When you have an infection, your tooth may feel loose. The bone around a decaying tooth’s root may loosen due to the acidic waste products of nerve loss. This can lead to mobility. When many teeth are loose, the mobility is probably due to something different from a problem that requires a Vaughan root canal treatment.

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4.  A tooth that is fractured or chipped.

Bacteria can enter a chipped or broken tooth as a result of an accident. It could also come from a contact sport, or chewing on something hard, leading to pain and infection. If you hurt a tooth but it does not chip or shatter, the injury may still cause nerve damage. Inflamed nerves can produce pain and sensitivity and may need root canal therapy.

5. Discomfort when eating or touching the teeth.

A root canal may be necessary to treat serious tooth decay or nerve damage if a tooth is painful when touched or during food consumption. This is particularly true if the sensitivity lasts for a long time and doesn’t disappear when you stop eating.

6. Enlarged gums.

If the gums around the painful tooth enlarge, a root canal may be required. The swell may fluctuate. You could feel some tenderness when you touch it, or you might not feel any discomfort.

You can also have a little pimple on your gums. An abscess, parulis, or gum boil are terms used to describe this. This is referred to as a gum boil, parulis, or abscess. The dental infection may cause the pimple to leak pus. You may get a terrible aftertaste and poor breath as a result of this.

7. Discoloured teeth.

Your tooth may get discoloured if the pulp of your tooth becomes infected. Trauma to the tooth or collapse of the internal tissue can harm the roots. It can also the tooth to appear greyish-black. There are numerous reasons why teeth might get discoloured. However, it is always a good idea to visit the dentist if you find that the colour of a tooth is changing. 

Always remember that good dental hygiene habits can prevent many tooth problems. The pulp and root of your tooth may get infected, resulting in discomfort and suffering. 

Speak to a dentist at My City Dental Clinic to know which dental services may be right for you especially if you have ongoing tooth pain. If you have other symptoms, don’t hesitate to call in order to receive a diagnosis and treatment.

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