Dr. Soroosh Khalilinejad

Meet Dr. Soroosh Khalilinejad

About Me

I’m Dr. Soroosh Khalilinejad, but my patients often refer to me as “Dr. K.” I am a dedicated dentist with a passion for helping people achieve & maintain their best smiles. Since earning my general dentistry degree in 2007, I’ve been committed to providing top-notch dental care & improving the oral health of my patients.

Education & Expertise

My journey in dentistry led me to Germany, where I pursued a master’s degree in implantology (completed in 2012). This specialization has allowed me to bring advanced implant techniques to my practice, providing comprehensive solutions for those seeking to restore their teeth & regain their confidence.

Beyond Dentistry

When I’m not at the dental clinic, I find solace in the harmony of music & the artistry of woodworking. Music has always been a significant part of my life, offering a creative outlet that complements my meticulous approach to dentistry. Woodworking, on the other hand, allows me to transform raw materials into functional & beautiful creations, bringing balance to my professional life.

Join Me on this Journey

I believe that a healthy smile can significantly impact one’s overall well-being. My mission is to make that impact a reality for my patients. Join me on this journey towards optimal oral health & a radiant smile.

Feel free to reach out, whether for your regular dental check-up or to discuss your woodworking & musical passions. I’m here to listen, care & make your dental experience as comfortable & enjoyable as possible.

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